WELCOME TO MY GALLERY!   I AM BRENDA STANKUS & THESE ARE MY PAINTINGS.                                                                 tHE nEWEST wORK IS AT THE BOTTOM ! pLEASE eNJOY!!


I have been painting my whole life and I have some things here that i think you will like. I have been teaching painting to adults for over 30  years.  Painting is my passion. 

IN 2012 I OPENED MY OWN STUDIO CLASSROOM SPACE in the Ginter Park/ Bellevue Areas of Richmond, VA.  It has storefront windows facing NORTH!!  Why hadn't we done this before? My students have continued to be very supportive,  Removing a few walls, some help from friends and loads of white paint later, we were ready !!  Now in 2020 we have started a Gallery Wall.  We have named it ACCIDENTAL GALLERY and it is for student and professional exhibits!!.

I thought this little gallery space might help acquaint you with a bit of my work.  There is also a student work gallery on this site. please visit, it is a sub-page under the tab-title 'CLASSES' in red just above this page. Click on 'classes' and then on 'student work'. THANKS

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