THE PAINTING CLASS BLOG (little thoughts)

There's nothing about painting that doesn't excite me. It has alway been that way. I feel priviliged to have a right to work with such beautiful and interesting tools as tubes and tubs of paint, plain or odd brushes,  pallettes, chalks, pencils, collected odds and ends, etc., but especially paint...tubes of paint of all kind!!  I think it's color that attracts me. I am also grateful that I have a job where  I can look around me at what I have at hand and solve a problem.  How exciting is that!!


These are my talents and my passions. How can one get so thrilled about a puddle of red or purple or blue paint? ...just look at it ! It's beautiful before you even touch it, and you hope it will be as beautiful after you finish with it.


An artist is a channel, a conduit, an experimenter and a person who likes challenge. Does any of this feel true to you? Are you just a little bit curious? wistful? Come paint your daydreams at the painting class ... come to see how far you can grow.  You'll be amazed at what you can do one moment at a time.



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